Dank Memes Are In

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.39.12 PM

Mesut Özil would like you to deal with it

Branding campaigns have adopted the best thing since sliced bread: dank memes.

Adidas Football, for example, previously had an ad campaign with the tagline “All In Or Nothing,” complete with dramatic, Rocky-like workout montages. For the purpose of selling soccer and its superstars leading up to the World Cup, this emphatic approach is arguably appropriate because it’s kind of a big deal for some people.

But in between World Cups? Soccer, aside from ridiculous goals, has also been about making a fool of your opponents. Hence Adidas’s new tagline and motif: “Boss Everyone.” Eschewing polished visuals, roaring crowds, and national glory, this campaign is peppered with emoticons, layered with bass-laden trap music, and accented with Super Mario sound effects. What more could you want?

I, for one, accept this new Dillon Francis-like movement in advertising and branding. I assure you 30 seconds of whatever you want to call this awesomeness below is worth your while.



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